American Roach

American roaches, also called water bugs, are found in damp, musty areas such as basements, crawl spaces, and sewer lines. This is the largest roach found in the Texas Panhandle area. It is typically found in commercial facilities but can be found in homes too.

These roaches are red-brown in color and have a figure-eight pattern on the head. They have wings and fly small distances. They can bite, but will not often do so. They are mostly found in sewers and outdoors, but will move indoors when there is a food shortage or when their environment is too dry or cold.

American roaches can be found in commercial buildings like restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and food processing plants. They prefer to eat fermenting foods and will move to your kitchen and bathroom first in search of resources. They will eat rotting vegetation, dry food crumbs, and food that has been left uncovered.

These roaches are dangerous, not just gross. They are known to carry thirty-three types of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms, and even human pathogens. When they move through rotting food and sewers, they trap bacteria and pathogens on their legs. People who have asthma can have allergic reactions to American roaches.
These insects are large, so you can see them skittering for dark areas when you turn lights on. They also leave visible droppings in areas where they hide, which have ridges on the sides and can look like mouse feces. Egg capsules can also be seen, usually near food sources, even when adult roaches aren’t present. Some people can smell a roach infestation because these insects produce a musty pheromone.
American roaches are notorious for surviving many situations, and can even live for days without their heads. Having a clean, well-sealed home is the best way to prevent roach infestations.

Locating roaches is the first step towards getting rid of them. You can use glue traps in dark areas of your property to see where they hide and catch them. Bait is also good for controlling them by placing in areas of known infestation. Hiring a pest control service company is an effective way to get rid of roaches and other pests. They have the equipment and chemicals to quickly control roaches for good.


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