Black Widow Spider

These spiders can be found inside and outside of homes throughout the panhandle and other areas of the country. The female spider has the most obvious markings associated with this spider. The unpleasant bite from the female is usually more intense than that of the male and is seldom fatal.

Black widows are easy to identify because most are shiny and black and they have a red hourglass shape on the underside of their abdomen. Some females can be brownish-black in color. Females are larger than males and the young are typically orange and white with some red marks on the underside of the abdomen, like males.

Dry and dark areas are the most common places to find black widows. During the winter, they will seek out warmer areas. Outdoor areas where you may find webs include woodpiles, hidden areas, sheds, barns, outhouses, and kids toys and swing sets that
are seldom used. Indoors, black widow spiders are most often found in crawl spaces, attics, basements, and garages where items are cluttered, which provides protection and easier prey.

You will be able to see black widow webs on your property, which are typically irregular and larger than other webs. They are placed near ground level. Their eggs are laid in silken sacs, typically high up in doorways. The webs are course and wiry and much stronger than typical silky spider webs. These spiders are easy to spot, so if you have clutter indoors or outdoors, keep an eye out for them when going through items or gardening.
Male black widows rarely bite humans, but females will bite when they feel threatened. They will be especially protective after they have laid eggs. Bites are painful within one to two hours and the pain can last for days. Other symptoms include abdominal upset, fever, chills, and muscle cramps. Seeking medical help is highly recommended. Death from the bite is not common.
You can reduce your chances of getting an infestation by getting rid of clutter throughout your home. You can also seal off any openings in windows and doors and make sure all screens are in good condition to prevent spiders from coming inside. If you choose to remove the spiders on your own, make sure to wear gloves and carefully get rid of the webs, spiders, and egg sacs. A pest control expert may be able to locate and remove these pests more easily.

Exterior service and or yard spraying is another option for getting rid of venomous spiders. This service is normally used for flea and tick control, but sometimes it is also used for roaches, crickets, and spider control. The circumstances vary and we will be glad to visit with you to determine what is needed.


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