Carpenter Ant

Although not as destructive as termites in our area, carpenter ants do cause damage to wooden structures. They take their name from the way they build their nests. These insects tunnel into wood to create large colonies. Carpenter ants are reddish-black, red, or black in color.

Carpenter ants usually choose moist or molded wood to start their colony. Eventually, they will move into dry, undamaged wood. They enter into man-made structures through small cracks or unsealed entryways, and even through plumbing and electrical systems. They mostly eat plant and fruit juices, other arthropods, and honeydew, not wood.

These ants do have a painful bite that can be made worse when they inject formic acid into the wound. This is not life-threatening and should not hurt for long.
A small colony of carpenter ants is likely to grow fast. This puts any structure in which they live in danger. Just like termites, they can take over a structure and make in unsound. Their tunnels are smooth, unlike termite tunnels. It may take years for carpenter ant damage to pose a risk.
These ants require more detailed treatment than others. Each infestation is unique, so inspection and treatment plans will be unique. Calling a professional pest control company will be your best bet for getting rid of these pests. Professionals can locate the colony and take the necessary steps to get rid of them.


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