Who can sleep with a constant chirping all night long? Crickets show up in late summer/early fall and make quite a nuisance of themselves. Outdoor lighting can have an effect on cricket infestations. There are many species of crickets that all look different, but there are some ways to know you have an infestation.

These insects like warm, moist areas. You are likely to see and hear crickets in your home if you have an infestation. Males create the chirping noises that can irritate you by rubbing their back legs together. You may also see chew marks on fabric items, although these are difficult to see without a magnifying glass.
Crickets aren’t dangerous, but they are considered a nuisance pest. They can damage carpeted areas and fabric items in your home, especially cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic fabrics. Smaller chew marks indicate a small infestation, while holes in cloth can mean you have a large infestation.
For simple infestations, you can vacuum up any areas where you see crickets or their eggs and clean any fabric items that you can. You can get rid of and prevent future infestations by removing moisture from your home as well. You can also take care of your lawn and remove any leaf and wood piles from the edges of your home. Outdoor lighting can also have an effect on cricket infestations, so consider changing your lights to yellow bulbs.

Yard spraying is another option normally used for flea and tick control that can help get rid of crickets. The circumstances vary so we will be glad to visit with you to determine what treatment methods are needed. Call us if you want to be chirp free!


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