Odorous House Ant

This is the most common ant in the Panhandle area and the one we get the most calls for. They have large colonies with up to tens of thousands of individuals. These ants are persistent and can show up in great numbers after rainfall or a dramatic change in climate.

These ants are dark brown to black in color and are quite small. They are most easily identified by their stench when you crush them. They are typically found outdoors along edge of structure,in flower beds, under wood left on the ground, underneath rocks, and in trees. They will enter into a home to find food and live inside the plumbing voids,crawl spaces, under slabs and inside walls. They eat human food, seeds, fruits, and even other insects.

You will see these ants in your kitchen and or bathrooms foraging for food and looking for water sources. They aren’t difficult to spot and you will know them by their smell if crushed.
These insects are not dangerous, but they are annoying. They can contaminate food, so be sure to avoid eating anything they have touched. You should also clean up any areas where they have traveled.
Most homeowners call us after they have done battle for weeks and months. The longer they have been there, the harder they are to control. It is a must to treat the inside and outside of your property with the right products. An experienced pest control service can inspect your property and create a treatment plan to remove ants both inside and outside.


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