Paper Wasp

Commonly found under the eaves or overhangs of our homes, paper wasps are a beneficial insect that feeds on other insects. There are many species and they vary in aggressiveness and location.

Paper wasps nest off the ground on trees, shrubs, telephone poles, porches, door frames, and roofs. Their nests are tan to grey and are constructed with wood and other cellulose materials mixed with saliva. They are protective of their nesting areas and their sting can be quite painful. They sting prey insects to paralyze them before consuming them. For people who are sensitive to stings, medical help may be required.

Most paper wasps are less aggressive than other species. But, they are protective of their nests. If you approach a nest, one or more wasps will take a defensive warning stance first. This appears to be like a staring contest. They are capable of inflicting painful stings if threatened.
These insects are most commonly found in the spring and fall and will be seen around nesting areas. They are often found swarming around pools and other sources of water. During the fall they swarm around the exterior of structures looking for cracks and crevices in order to enter a structure to overwinter.They can enter homes through small gaps around chimneys, plumbing protrusions, cracks, and vents.
In the spring time, wasps will quite often enter the home as they emerge from their overwintering sites. A good fly swatter may be all you need, however if they persistently show up inside, an attic treatment may be called for. On the outside of structures the wasp nest must be located and treated in order to control them.


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