The Norway rat and roof rat are the most commonly found in the area. These animals are secretive and when an infestation is small, it can be hard to detect. Both species have black, grey, and brown coloration and both can cause damage to your property through gnawing. Norway rats are smaller than roof rats. Rats feed on almost anything from human food to animal carcasses. Roof rats prefer fruit while Norway rats like high-protein food sources better.

If a rat infestation is large, you may see dead or live rats during the day. If it is small, you will have to look for other signs. These include rat runs, which are tracks that the animals use regularly to move through the grass. Norway rats are found in burrows outdoors along the edges of pavement, under tree roots, and grassy embankments. Roof rats tend to live indoors in quiet, dark locations like attics, under floorboards, and in attics.

Finding droppings in your home is another way to know you have a rat infestation. Roof rats have pointed droppings while Norway rats have blunt droppings. If you see oily marks along pathways, you probably have a rodent infestation.

Both Norway rats and roof rats carry diseases and bacteria. Some of the most common illnesses spread by rats are Leptospirosis, which causes kidney damage, and rat-bite fever, which is contracted by coming into contact with a dead rat or being scratched or bitten. Indirect illnesses you can get from rats include the plague and Colorado tick fever, which is a viral disease.

Rats are also known to contaminate areas where they feed and live with bacteria. This can make you sick and affect those with asthma. When cleaning up old or dried rodent waste, be sure to wear safety equipment to protect yourself.

To get rid of rats, you need to call a pest control company. They know how to locate, control, and remove these pests. They will create a treatment plan for you. Because rats reproduce quickly, it is important to take control. Treatment measures are the same as those for mice, though they are more of a challenge. You want to keep rodents of all types away from your home since they and their parasites carry many diseases.


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