Tick & Tick (Engorged)

Ticks are a problem for those with pets and anyone walking through a tick-infested area. This is another pest that can have large populations in the Texas Panhandle. This creature is small and can vary in color. It is flat before having fed but will become bulbous after eating blood.

Ticks cannot jump, so they must crawl onto a host or fall onto one from trees and bushes. They like warm areas, so they are attracted to pets and humans. This pest is found across the country.

The bite of this pest isn’t painful, but ticks carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals. This includes Lyme disease, which is known to seriously affect pets and children, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. After a tick is removed, the area may be irritated and can get infected. Proper medical treatment should be used if necessary.
Ticks cannot survive indoors without a host. They live outdoors, so keeping up with outdoor pest control is a must. If your yard is infested with ticks, yard spraying can get rid of them. Depending on the severity of the infestation, more than one treatment may be needed. Indoor treatment may also be necessary. The circumstances vary, so visit with us to see what your home may need.

Preventing tick infestations is vital, especially in warm months. Be sure to keep all pets on preventative medications, even if they do not go outdoors. You should check your pets, children, and even yourself for these dangerous pests after you have gone outside. Remove any ticks you find immediately and keep an eye out for issues with the bite mark.


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