Initial Service

The first time we treat your home is considered an initial service. We need information from you about the insects you are seeing and where you find them. We also inspect your home for infestation that you may not know about as we treat. The service itself is dependent on what insects we are treating for. A general initial service will include treatment of all known insect harborage areas inside the home closets, in areas you have seen bugs or their signs, garages and perimeter of the structure. If needed attics and crawl spaces can be treated as well. General initial service will take care of a fairly wide variety of insects, however some insects such as ants, silverfish, spiders, bedbugs, termites,tick and fleas require different treatment techniques and different products. Please tell us about any and all insects so we can employ the right products and applications.

Monthly Perimeter Service

This has became our most requested maintenance service. Do you have children, pets, or medical issues? This service is designed with you in mind. This service protects you from pests before they enter your home or business. We treat inside only if we have an insect problem indoors. The regular outdoor perimeter applications targets the insect habitats outdoors so they are controlled before gaining access to the inside of your home . By doing this we eliminate or greatly reduce the application of pesticides inside where you live and breathe. The other advantage to this service is that it eliminates the need for appointments making it ideal for our busy day to day lives. If insects become a issue inside, we come out and treat the problem area at no charge to you.

Bi-Monthly Perimeter Service

This service works the same as above but is only appropriate for those homes with low pest pressure. If you see very many live insects between services you probably need a monthly schedule. We also offer Bi-Monthly service with optional indoor treatment also. This does cost more and also requires appointments so we can come inside.

Quarterly Perimeter Service - with Indoor Option

The quarterly service was yesterdays most popular. It still works well and is still used by many. With this program, we come out every 3 months and treat the outside perimeter of your home and upon request will also treat inside. Inside treatments can be performed in the high pressure areas, such as kitchen, bathrooms and garages. Some customers still request that we spray all baseboards and that will be done only at customers request.

Rodent Control

Mice and rat infestations can vary greatly. Some can be cured with glue boards and traps. Others may require bait stations inside and others may need outdoor bait stations. Exclusion work is often needed with rodent infestations. An inspection can determine what is needed and a plan can be developed.

Yard Spraying

This service is normally used for flea and tick control. Sometimes it is also used for roaches, crickets, and spider control. The circumstances vary and we will be glad to visit with you to determine what is needed.

Termite Control

Lady-Bug, termite baiting system. This system is scientifically designed to eliminate the entire subterranean termite colony, including the queen. Using the Sentricon system eliminates the need to pump hundreds of gallons of insecticides into and around your home. Lady-Bug does offer liquid barrier treatments as well using Termidor HE. We want to provide our customers with what they want and feel most comfortable with, after all termite control is done to protect the largest investment most people have–their home! The right method is dependent on construction features of your home and personal preferences. There are times that we recommend one over the other and sometimes a combination approach. Lady-Bug personnel are trained Sentricon Specialist and are also trained and approved to use Termidor HE termiticide. See more detailed information about these 2 treatment options below.

Sentricon Termite Baiting System

Lady-Bug was the first company authorized to use the Sentricon Termite Elimination
System in Amarillo. This product is used to protect National Treasures, such as the White House, Statue of Liberty and the Alamo. This treatment method has won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award: Click here for more details

Termidor® Termite Control

Lady-Bug technicians have also received extensive training in the use and application of Termidor. Termidor┬« is the one of the world’s most effective liquid termite control methods, controlling termites in three months or less. If you have a termite problem, here’s why you should consider a Termidor termite control treatment: Click here for more details

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